As winter approaches, we may be looking forward to cosy nights in over the long, dark, winter ahead.  Unfortunately for all of us, cold weather means the added financial burden of buying home heating oil/gas.  We may also feel pressure to provide the “best” Christmas by getting into debt to buy expensive toys and gadgets, fearing that our children will be disappointed if they do not have as much as their friends. Where possible, plan ahead and budget what you can for the coming season and focus on what really matters to our children – us, as parents, giving them our time and attention.

With increases in household bills, the commercialisation of Christmas proves to be overwhelming for many families.  If you are struggling to meet the demands of the season, please contact our Family Support team who will put you in touch with local agencies that can provide confidential advice regarding budgeting, debt management and financial assistance.  Don’t struggle alone this winter – call us on 028 7137 1670 for support.