Baby Massage Plus incorporates baby massage, baby and postnatal yoga and reflexology.    The programme encourages bonding between parent & baby and confidence in handling baby through the power of touch.  Each week has a different theme giving lots of information in a relaxed atmosphere with 20 mins of massage and strokes for colic, wind and constipation relief. Each week ends with a relaxation to help both babies and parents relax.

  • Week 1 – Interacting with Baby & Baby Massage
  • Week 2 – A Black & White Experience, Tummy Time & Baby Massage
  • Week 3 – We Love to Play & Baby Massage
  • Week 4 – A Sensory experience, Reflexology & Baby Massage

Here’s what parents and carers who completed Baby Massage Plus told us:

“Thank-you so much, I have learnt more the last few weeks than I have in the last few years.”

“Great course, loads of information and leaflets given, would recommend this course as it is very helpful.”

“I just loved being able to spend quite time with my baby and learning new things to help her on her way.”

“Baby massage and reflexology was lovely and really relaxing.  Will keep trying it at home.”

“Topics discussed were food for thought and have helped introduce different routines at home.”

If you’d like more information call the Team on 7137 1670.

Baby Massage Plus