This campaign encourages families to ‘Be Dummy Aware’ and recognise the possible side-effects of allowing babies and toddlers to use dummies.

As part of the campaign, speech and language therapists have warned that children who use a dummy may be less likely to communicate effectively when they are learning how to speak and that for children over one year, a dummy can cause communication difficulties; feeding and swallowing problems and may also affect the proper development of teeth.

‘Be Dummy Aware’ tips:

  • Ask your child to give their dummy to Santa or the ‘Dummy Fairy’
  • Swap dummies for a special present
  • Tell older children that dummies are only for babies
  • Leave dummies at home when you go out
  • Ask your child to remove their dummy when talking to you
  • Never dip a dummy into anything sweet to avoid tooth decay
  • Don’t clean your child’s dummy with your mouth to avoid transmitting germs

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Dummy Aware