Are you feeling exhausted all the time? Are you ready to make some positive changes to your child’s sleep habits? Then this is the course for you! We look at the following topics:

  • Introduction to sleep & why it’s important.
  • The amount of sleep children need.
  • What happens when we sleep?
  • Causes of sleep problems.
  • Factors that contribute to sleep problems.
  • Environmental considerations i.e. the bedroom and the home to support the child’s sleep.
  • The importance of having a bedtime routine.
  • Behavioural approaches to encourage calm bedtimes, to learn how to apply positive reinforcement methods to encourage positive routines and simple approaches to improve your child’s sleep.
  • Relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and use of essential oils.
  • Super sleepers Top Tips.

Come along for help and support for your precious Super Sleeper… and remember stay calm. If you need any more help or advice contact SureStart Edenballymore on 71371670.